Growth in Washington County has brought a tremendous change to nearly every aspect of this once rural community. Despite the economic downturn of the past decade, robust growth continues to garnish the St. George Urbanized area with ever increasing options for housing, entertainment, jobs, industry, and socialization.

Most of our elected officials and community leaders, and the public, cite the benefits of growth and are taking steps to accommodate and encourage the changes needed to further attract residents, jobs, tourists, and recreation amenities to the area.

One necessary step in accommodating all this growth is a hard-line look at existing and future transportation facilities. Future roads, bus lines, bike trails, and sidewalks are being planned, redesigned, and contemplated right now – and the publics’ input is being sought at the annual Dixie Transportation Expo on February 12, 2019.

The Transportation Expo typically attracts crowds of over 700 people who come to find out what transportation projects are in the works and to render their input on how future transportation facilities should develop – and planners have listened. Public input is directly responsible for inspiring the bicycle facilities at the Red Hills Drive / Bluff Street interchange. Public interest has stimulated recent and expected expansions of the SunTran transit system.

This year, planners and community leaders will again seek public input on projects along River Road, River Road Bridge, Washington Parkway, Washington Dam Road, Washington Main Street widening, Old Highway 91 in Santa Clara and Ivins, the extension of the Southern Parkway through Hurricane, State Route 9 through Hurricane, and many other local projects.

The 2019 Transportation Expo also offers a unique opportunity for people to gain a first-hand understanding of a variety of transit projects, road projects, traffic light projects, and bike trail developments – and render informed comments on these projects that will help planners envision Dixie’s future.

With the expected doubling of Washington County’s population by 2035, the Five County AOG encourages all to contemplate the future of Washington County’s transportation networks as the community evolves over the next 25 years. If current trends continue, and there is no evidence to the contrary, Washington County will then be home to 371,000 people (2.5 times the current population) who will need to travel between work, home, shopping, and entertainment venues.

The 2019 Transportation Expo is an excellent venue to learn about local transportation trends and provide meaningful input that may shape the future of Washington County. The expo will be February 12, 2018 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Dixie Convention Center. Admission is free.