Do you drive, walk, bike or use public transportation in Washington County? Do you have ideas or need more information regarding current or future road projects? Then the 2017 Dixie Regional Transportation Expo is the place for you. Attend this years’ Expo and be better informed on current and future transportation projects and have a voice in regional transportation planning.

This year the Expo will be held Tuesday February 7, 2017 from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. in the Dixie Center Ballroom. Representatives from surrounding cities, the county and UDOT will be available to explain transportation projects and studies and take your comments on projects.

You will be invited to comment on the Regional 2015-2040 Transportation Long-Range Plan, Ivins City Transportation Master Plan, and the future of transit in the area.


East St. George Boulevard Design
To optimize mobility between 900 East and 1000 East an additional westbound lane is being added along SR-34, St. George Blvd. The existing median will be removed and replaced and lighting will be relocated and the signal at 1000 East will be modified.

Truck Smart
Educate motorists how to drive safely around trucks and busses.

Bluff Street Widening
Widen Bluff Street from 2 lanes to 3 lanes in each direction from St. George Boulevard to Sunset

Rockville to Zion National Park
Improvements on SR-9 including resurfacing and widening shoulders

Washington City Transportation
Various Washington City Projects including Merrill Road Extension and Interchange at Main Street

Southern Utah Bicycle Alliance
SUBA will be available to answer questions and provide information regarding bicycles as a practical and enjoyable form of transportation.

Santa Clara/Ivins
Road Master Plan information about each city.

Dixie Metropolitan Planning Organization
Area planners are seeking public comments on the 2015-2040 Regional Transportation Plan. The RTP forecasts future travel demands and sets goals and objectives for the next 25 years. Public input is needed to determine the importance of well-maintained roads, new road alignments, congestion management, safety, air quality, endangered species preservation, other environmental issues, connectivity, sustainability, multi-modal transportation, etc.

Mobility Management efforts rely on the community and transportation service providers to define transit/transportation needs for specific segments of the population (seniors, persons with disabilities & low-income individuals). Comments generated at the EXPO will allow mobility managers to identify needs and pursue resources to meet those needs.

l-15 Corridor in Washington County
The l-15 Corridor through Washington County has several ongoing and planned projects over the next several years. Projects currently under construction include the l-15 Exit 4-5 Auxiliary Lane and Virgin River Bridges project, which will conclude in Dec 20'17.

Projects along the l-15 corridor that are being implemented over the next few years include:

l-15; MP 10 Green Springs Drive lnterchange lmprovements
l-15; Exit 16 SR-9lnterchange lnitial lmprovements .
l-15; Exit 4 Brigham Road lnterchange lmprovements
Several other projects including additional widening of l-15 through the corridor to provide auxiliary lanes is planned over the next decade.

St. George Police Department
Distracted Driving - Have you ever been driving and realize you can't remember the last few blocks? Or miles? That's distracted driving. Leam how to combat distracted driving, to recognize it, or you may become part of it.

SunTran will have a Demo of our new APP to show how it is used as well as how you can text to find your next bus as well as how you can go on line to find our routes and map your trips on the SunTran Bus. We will be there to answer any transportation questions...
We will provide info regarding our advertising as well.

St. George City Park Planning
Display the City's regional trail master plan and be available to answer questions relating to parks, trails, wayfinding sign program and roadway beautification projects.

Drive Electric
Learn about Electric Car benefits